Clapping [verb]

Definition of Clapping:

applaud; slap with approbation

Synonyms of Clapping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clapping:

Sentence/Example of Clapping:

Jessie suddenly hopped down from the chair arm and began a pirouette about the room, clapping her hands as she danced.

He answered my prayer; and I was so happy that I walked the floor for a long time, clapping my hands and praising God.

I could bear it no more, and rushed from the room, clapping the door after me, and strove with all my force to lock it.

She cast this wreath around the old man's neck, then danced back, clapping her hands in delight.

About a dozen boys were assembled, and there was a great clapping as the two newcomers entered.

The great constructive process in history gives so little scope for clapping and drumming and saying "'Ear, 'ear!"

I had not to wait long before I caught the distant cheering and hand-clapping of the drivers as they encouraged the dogs to hunt.

A loud clapping of hands was suddenly raised, which subsided by degrees, and finally was succeeded by absolute silence.

The "ayes" were overwhelming, and accompanied by such a clapping of hands that the President forgot to ask for the "noes."

I stepped forward, came close behind him where he sat, and suddenly clapping my two hands down upon his shoulders—“Ah!”