Zigzagging [verb]

Definition of Zigzagging:

wander about; travel aimlessly

Synonyms of Zigzagging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Zigzagging:





Sentence/Example of Zigzagging:

This zigzagging, or "tacking," as it is called, is illustrated in Fig. 141.

Well, then, here we have been zigzagging about for a good hour, havent we?

After zigzagging through the woods he had set off in a bee-line for the top of a cliff.

It is reached by a stone stairway, zigzagging along the face of the rocks.

It would have been easy enough if I had been zigzagging according to Hoyle.

It was their one hope, and by zigzagging from the creek to any semblance of a road, the entrance to the nook might be identified.

Soon they were zigzagging up the face of the Drakensberg—the loftiest and grandest mountain range in all South Africa.

After zigzagging for awhile in rain, we come suddenly upon the Roman theatre, a sight to take one's breath away.

Leaping, zigzagging to avoid the bullets aimed at them, they came on in the most determined manner.

Despite the speed, the zigzagging course kept Dave opposite the troopship he had been guarding through the night.