Dapples [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Dapples:

The dapple grays were fat, well fed beasts, and the coachman was old and rheumatic.

Here there are no mossy rocks or sheltering trees to dapple the scene with their brightness and shadow.

It was just as he was about to return to his dapple grays that he received a sudden shock.

What are these dark streaks which foul her white decks and dapple her brazen shields?

It was neither the fat buck nor the little two-toed horse with 193 dapple hide, but a young cow-buffalo.

One dapple bay actually laid its head on the dealer's shoulder and looked on in wonder.

He hated light, he loathed the shade, he scorned the meekness of the dapple, and he cursed the darkness.

When he had helped him to mount, he told him that the devil had run away with Dapple.

He promised that he would, and entreated her to see to it that good care was taken of his Dapple.

The animal he gave me was a dapple iron-gray, partly of Spanish stock, with fine clean limbs, and of great speed and endurance.