Fleck [noun]

Definition of Fleck:

spot, pinpoint mark

Synonyms of Fleck:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fleck:


Sentence/Example of Fleck:

Her eyes were closed, and on her tightly shut lips stood a fleck of crimson stain.

A fleck of dust arose from the loose coat which covered the spare form of the General, but he stood apparently untouched.

Comyn turned to fleck the window with his handkerchief, while I was not a little put out at their mirth.

And faster still, until your feet dash fire from the flinty stones and your nostrils fleck your breasts with foam.

A half-inch from the Dome's blazing arc, a hundred yards in actuality, the screen showed a black fleck, moving across the waste!

There was only a fleck of black floating high above the rambling town, above the rocks mercilessly waiting below.

Looking down at the tiny fleck of white light so far below, I saw a bit of red move in it.

Looked at in itself, each fleck is ugly, a greyish patch which effaces the colour it rests on.

Birdalone stood watching the speeding of the boat, till she could see it no longer, not even as a fleck on the face of the waters.

The specialist pointed to a faint fleck of foam which showed beneath the young man's brown moustache.