Servant [noun]

Definition of Servant:

person who waits on another

Synonyms of Servant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Servant:


Sentence/Example of Servant:

At length the servant returned, saying his master was now ready to see them.

If a servant complained of being abused, his master had no power to retain him.

Such a servant of the country should be well paid by the country.

"Ask Mrs. Holroyd if she will have the kindness to come here for a minute," he said to the servant.

"But he said it was most important, sir," the servant went on.

Hotspur interrupts her by calling the servant and giving him orders.

And what boldness is this for a scrub of a servant to speak in such a way before her master?

She didn't know me; the servant could not have caught my name.

Style should not obtrude between a writer and his reader; it should be servant, not master.

But just at this instant a servant came to say that coffee was ready.