Commoner [noun]

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According to this account the scales of the lyre (the simpler and commoner instrument) were of two kinds.

This was avowed by the great commoner, Pitt himself, the special friend of America.

Neither do large deeds and very clear thinking—which, stout hearts being commoner than unmuddled brains, is lucky for us.

A simple scene, in all truth; none commoner in the world; it really did not matter who saw.

If he is a commoner, he eats with his knife; if a gentleman, with his fork.

Is there any term in commoner use, and what are we to think about it?

But by far the commoner form of pit-dwelling is circular, with a diameter rarely exceeding two metres.

The commoner objects would compare favorably with those found in other mounds by the same and other investigators.

The three-rayed design appears to have gained the victory over the others, and came into commoner use.

Beside the commoner minerals five to eight per cent of implements made of nephritoids (nephrite, jadeite, and chloromelanite).