Rejoice [verb]

Definition of Rejoice:

be very happy about something

Synonyms of Rejoice:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rejoice:

Be sad

Sentence/Example of Rejoice:

Let us rejoice that one such partisan was now at hand to stem the torrent of abuse.

Be happy, and rejoice in your weakness—but turn now to the strong for strength.

I rejoice to hear that she now wishes to spare her father, but—you will pardon me, Burke?

Trust him who will; for my part, I rejoice that Time shall not live forever.

I rejoice to hear it, Seor, for I seek something from your house.

As a woman we wish you no harm, therefore we rejoice in this turn of events, for your sake.

I rejoice in the glory of my country; and particularly do I rejoice in your glory, John.

Most sincerely do I rejoice with you, dear Madam, in the good news of Anthony.

Then I should rejoice that we are to be separated—separated for ever.

So, to this day, when friend meets friend, the word of salute Is still "Rejoice!"