Exult [verb]

Definition of Exult:

be joyful

Synonyms of Exult:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exult:

Sentence/Example of Exult:

Could she obtain a triumphant acquittal, through the force of her own integrity, she would greatly exult.

It caused her to exult in the face of the great golden October sunset piled high in the west.

They heard but saw nothing, only the savage heart of brutus found time to exult—his enemies were perishing.

They are desperate, then, and seem to exult in devilry of all kinds.

We went on to exult in the noble independence of the American character in all classes, at some length.

How lost to all the kindlier feelings of our nature, thus to exult over suffering humanity.

The Sea seems to exult over our fleeting tenure of a life of which we cannot anticipate, far less command, one added moment.

The same feeling was outraged by Enrique, who seemed to know and exult over his defeat.

These important truths I fairly owned to him, and he seemed to exult over me.

In the look of scorn and hate she threw on me, she seemed to exult over my forlorn and bewildered condition.