Buoy [noun]

Definition of Buoy:

floating device

Synonyms of Buoy:

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Sentence/Example of Buoy:

Pointing their phones at the area around the buoys, they’d see the digital sculptures appear.

Waterfront landowners often express concerns that oyster farms near the shoreline — and the network of buoys and docks that may come along with them — disrupt their scenic views.

Now, satellite-tracked buoys that simulated wayward rafts suggest that there’s little chance that the seafarers reached the isles by accident.

Onboard a computer on the buoy out at sea, an automated detection algorithm harnessing the power of artificial intelligence identifies nearby vocalizing blue, humpback, and fin whales in near real-time.

Results are sent from the buoy via satellite to researchers who confirm the sounds, and match them to visual sightings from scientists and whale-watching boats in the area.

The Nora lies becalmed not far from the Goodwin buoy, with her sails hanging idly on the yards.

The buoy having been secured, an iron hook and chain of great strength were then attached to the ring in its head.

“You see we require stronger tackle,” said the captain to Stanley, while the buoy was being slowly raised.

He therefore gave the order to have the fresh buoy, with its chain and sinker, ready to let go.

He had caught the life-buoy, and having managed to get it under his arms had floated about for the greater part of an hour.