Abandoning [verb]

Definition of Abandoning:

leave behind, relinquish

Opposite/Antonyms of Abandoning:

Sentence/Example of Abandoning:

As we equip more and more merchants with our point-of-sale financing option, we continue to see data that points to larger orders, fewer abandoned carts and improved customer acquisition.

A good example is the automated and personalized abandonment messages that BreadBrand sends to customers that abandoned their carts.

GPS tracking can also help cities monitor where scooters are being parked or abandoned, and ultimately control where they’re being used.

“Memorial,” by Bryan WashingtonA relationship is tested when a man leaves the country to care for his dying father, abandoning his visiting mother with his boyfriend.

The city already abandoned plans to resume in-person teaching this month because it didn’t have sufficient staffing.

In truth, even vendors that never entirely abandoned guarantees have still begun structuring their contracts in ways that are less favorable to publishers — most notably by creating longer-term payment windows and charging higher rates.

The rising-star comedian of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent is able to dish out insults with abandon but finds a way to elevate and bring people together in the process.

The polls pointed to a Democratic-leaning electoral environment, Democratic candidates were outraising Republicans in most competitive seats, and the GOP had to defend a host of open seats that Republican incumbents had abandoned.

Of course, blaming this on heavily Democratic cities rather than on the suburban areas that abandoned the GOP in 2018 and 2020 is the easiest political play.

Also prioritize any users who abandoned items in their shopping cart — they might just need a little nudge to come back and convert.