Reversing [verb]

Definition of Reversing:

turn upside down or backwards

Synonyms of Reversing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reversing:

Sentence/Example of Reversing:

They then reentered the submarine by reversing the process which had attended their exit.

The next five rows are to correspond, reversing the colors and shades.

Vogelstein asked, reversing in fancy a position not at all unknown to him.

He seized the horses' bits and began to lead them in the reversing circle.

In reversing the movement, similar activity for those on the left.

Detis had recovered from his wound and was reversing the rulden's energy.

In this respect it resembles the problem of reversing the hands of a clock.

Edouard flew to the wheelbarrow, and, reversing it, spun a lot of billet out.

On reversing the tube, a second and similar cone was precipitated.

By reversing its position and tapping it again we reverse its magnetism.