Invert [verb]

Definition of Invert:

reverse; turn upside down

Synonyms of Invert:

Opposite/Antonyms of Invert:

Sentence/Example of Invert:

It can hit supersonic speeds, fly inverted, and its wings can change their position as it operates, depending on what the craft is doing.

Without your foot inside, the shoe rests in the off position, which looks like the outsole has been inverted or even broken.

The new model is an inverted pyramid, with employees and teams at the top and executive leadership providing a foundation of support.

Invert bowl and handle and lay them upon a level block of charcoal, as shown at Figure 28.

But man can invert this relation, and thus fail in attaining his destination in two ways.

Then invert each jar to permit the food to cool and to test for leaks.

Invert the preparation and with the blade of the scalpel remove the slide from the agar block.

Invert the cover-slip with the block attached on to the hanging-drop slide, and seal the cover-slip firmly in place.

Alternately invert and revert the tube six or eight times, to bring the soda solution into intimate contact with the gas.

Invert the glass plate over the jar and press down firmly into the cement.