Tendering [noun]

Definition of Tendering:

relinquishment of responsibility

Synonyms of Tendering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tendering:

Sentence/Example of Tendering:

She stooped and raised the grape-basket in her hand, tendering it to Teola.

Then Darrin took out his card case, tendering his card to the stranger.

The reward which virtue was tendering to him seemed unmixed bitterness.

"I wish you would," says Johnson, tendering a copy of the thin volume.

"On that condition we can be friends," said Janetta, smiling and tendering her hand.

"Better have 'nother drink 'fore y' go," said Creed, tendering the bottle.

"I am Chester Rand, with whom you have had some correspondence," said Chester, tendering his card.

“Say, Ralph,” he remarked, tendering the 184 young fireman a note.

He was a messenger from the Mayor, tendering the surrender of the city.

"Here is the money," said Dory, tendering the amount to the auctioneer.