Quitting [verb]

Definition of Quitting:

abandon, leave

Synonyms of Quitting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quitting:

Sentence/Example of Quitting:

I felt more, in quitting this ship, than I did in quitting Halifax.

After quitting the light, we made the best of our way for the town.

The idea of remaining in the brig was unpleasant to me, and I had thought of quitting her for some days.

I cannot give any reason but caprice for quitting this ship.

The men did not relish the idea of quitting the spot; but, after some talk, they came into my plan.

Last night I was honored by your praise of my graceful mode of quitting it!

Report says also that he has the instinct of a rat in quitting a falling house.

Wherefore, what have I personally gained by quitting and what have I personally lost?

It is difficult to express what I felt in quitting the Dauphin.

When you're angry you always talk of quitting, but it isn't so easy when you just stop to think about it.