Loudness [noun]

Definition of Loudness:

something heard or audible

Synonyms of Loudness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Loudness:

Sentence/Example of Loudness:

It was loud and aggrieved, and it filled the Republican Party with fear.

Author Martin Amis — one of the loudest British voices chronicling apocalyptic angst and moral laxities in the 1980s — has something of a subtext on sophisti-pop in his 1984 novel "Money."

The volume on the TV was loud, and our conversation — during which she facetiously suggested that I sneak a peek at one of the closed exhibitions — boomed throughout the room like an airport boarding announcement.

His hands stay inside the baseball extremely well, he has a feel for the strike zone, and he had as loud of a bat that we had at our Instructional League camp.

While it is never good to hold your breath when breathing pressurized air at depth, gliding down from above the fish while slowly exhaling to prevent loud noises is a deadly technique.

Carr’s show takes callers, and in listening to what they have to say, this message has come through loud and clear.

You have a really loud car horn because everybody else has loud car horns.

Although he couldn’t say so out loud, the center-right Republican’s best chance of winning the GOP nomination in four years depended on a decisive repudiation of Trumpism at the polls.

The console is fairly quiet while playing games, but you’ll probably want it at least a few feet away from you, especially if you’re going to play with a disc, which is much louder than normal operation.

Whether the next leader of the United States hears that mandate loud and clear perhaps depends on who ultimately wins the remaining electoral college votes.