Vibration [noun]

Definition of Vibration:

shaking, quivering

Synonyms of Vibration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vibration:

Sentence/Example of Vibration:

The consequence was a vibration of the mica diaphragm to which the stylus was attached.

That utterance sounded like a vibration of the sunlight itself.

But it is like a vibration of great speed and heat, like a fluid and magnetic heat.

The vibration and the deafening noise shook but did not frighten her.

And there was also a chance that Jeter's vibration idea was wrong.

There was no movement of the field, no jarring, no vibration.

The hum of a vibration would have been audible at those two points.

It is imperative to strike the fish when this vibration is felt.

His tone was loud, and had the vibration of one speaking in anger.

In all ordinary circumstances, sound is the vibration of air.