Appal [verb]

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The same article on the hoof is all held by a ring of speculators at figures which appal the man of moderate means.

Sometimes the grossness and impurity, the ignorance and downright wickedness of the underworld appal and frighten me.

The danger began to appal him; he wanted to go back, and to justify the retreat he tried to call out, "No Coon here!"

The scene, however, was still terrific, and sufficient to appal the stoutest heart.

Fear not, even if the majesty of the divinity should at first appal you; do not tremble, though its glory should dazzle you.

There was enough in that to appal the stoutest heart, it is true, and he now felt that it was all over.

But the size of Russia and the exposed eastern frontier of Germany seemed to appal him.

Did ye think the mere show of your guns on the wall, And your shouts, would the souls of the heathen appal?

The speed with which we do things, our habits of quick decision, the whirlwind of activities of the busy man in town, appal you.

We say it is the bounden duty of every Briton to help to keep up that esprit de corps which no danger can appal.