Pastime [noun]

Definition of Pastime:

leisure activity

Synonyms of Pastime:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pastime:

Sentence/Example of Pastime:

The wooing on Shakespeare's side was nothing but pastime, though it led to marriage.

Discussion was, indeed, a pastime in which the major never indulged.

Mr. Dowling should have found other forms of exercise and pastime.

They were trailing a hot scent, a pastime as well as a work that was their life.

The one is a pastime; the other”––he paused and caught his breath––“a passion!

Then he let her go, and she went to the court of the old Tsar, and took her pastime there.

They swept up the long stretch as though the effort were a pastime.

The great sorrel was oblivious of this pastime of his master.

I turned away with a new impression of the pastime of duelling.

Do not indulge in the pastime of throwing stones at the stars.