Intermingle [verb]

Definition of Intermingle:

blend, mix

Synonyms of Intermingle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intermingle:

Sentence/Example of Intermingle:

Like the Neanderthals, they are an early branch off the lineage that produced modern humans and later intermingled with modern humans.

At the end of four weeks the two sets of girls lined up on opposite sides of the room, utterly refusing to intermingle.

It may just possibly be found, without certificate, however, in those muddled caverns where the excluded intermingle.

The English intermingle in their decoration, colours very finely blended; nor do they find any transition too delicate.

I notice that the trees in the swamp are rather close together, and the limbs intermingle.

They overlap and intermingle, like a gradation of colours, but the characteristics of each are perfectly distinct.

The two things could overlap and intermingle, though in his hands neither lost its own individuality in the process.

When the men of two or more units intermingle in the firing line, all officers and men submit at once to the senior.

But they have adopted many modern customs which curiously intermingle with their native habits.

“It is a remarkable circumstance how our affairs appear to intermingle,” he continued.