Bisection [noun]

Definition of Bisection:

goodbye, separation

Synonyms of Bisection:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bisection:

Sentence/Example of Bisection:

The bisection of the victim symbolized Christ slain and affording access to God through himself.

Down from the right-hand bisection came the boys of the Triangle X outfit.

Mitreing consists of halving the angle and making each piece to fit the line of bisection.

Mr. Frazer does not here pretend to guess why the bisection occurred.

The 'bisection' of his theory could not, I fear, be 'gradual.'

Not one throat but many underwent simultaneous pantomimic bisection.

It is not a case of drawing a straight line from one extreme to the other, and finding the middle point by bisection.

This connects perpendicularity and bisection of angles with projective properties.

Christianity, he tells us, comes in with a flaming sword and performs neat acts of bisection.

The continued bisection of our distance, though it gives us continually smaller distances, gives us always finite distances.