Crossroads [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Crossroads:

There are sign-boards at nearly every crossing; only in some of the more retired districts did we find the crossroads unmarked.

Straight on till ye come to the crossroads, then the second turnin' to the richt, and there ye are.

Even Jean smiled as he watched him moving along toward the crowded crossroads—smiled and then sighed.

A burnt kettle stood on the hearth, and leaning against the wall was the bag of grain Maurice had carried from the crossroads.

Still humming under his breath, when the peasant left the crossroads he followed him.

The little Fox, when he had left the main highway at the crossroads, soon met ten woodsmen with axes over their shoulders.

Our dugout is about six miles back of the front lines but as we are in a strategic village the crossroads are heavily bombarded.

In the face of this impediment Custer's mission could not be executed fully, so he returned to Baltimore crossroads.

Merritt, with the remaining brigades of his division, holding fast at Baltimore crossroads to await events.

The carriage turned to the right at the crossroads, and rattled down the hill in the direction of Vasselot.