Disjunction [noun]

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Disjunction of the secreting apparatus from the copulating apparatus: spiders, dragon-flies.

Aversion between married partners arises from a disunion of souls and a disjunction of minds, 236.

For this disjunction from Hellenic life, brought about by war, is not only physical but has become spiritual.

This closure of nature does not carry with it any metaphysical doctrine of the disjunction of nature and mind.

There exists no disjunction between aesthetic qualities which are final yet idle, and acts which are practical or instrumental.

Here the disjunction is nominal; sovereign and supreme governor being different names for the same object.

Here the disjunction is real; king or queen being different names for different objects.

The comma is the note of connection and continuity of sentences; the period is the note of abruption and disjunction.

I do not mean to identify the epistemological situation with the Cartesian disjunction.

This, if not quite causing a disjunction, would facilitate the operation of the knife in the usual way.