Autopsy [noun]

Definition of Autopsy:

examination of dead body

Synonyms of Autopsy:

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Sentence/Example of Autopsy:

In a statement Thursday, authorities said his body had been transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, which will perform an autopsy.

At Grand Canyon National Park, 22 food-attracted but malnourished deer were found to have up to five pounds of plastic and foil food packaging obstructing their intestines after autopsies.

Some autopsies have found inflammation in the heart’s blood vessels instead of muscle cells, which are where other infections tend to hit.

An autopsy concluded Hernandez wasn’t physically abused before her death.

I was going to open up kind of the skin of the city, just like a doctor doing an autopsy opens up the skin of a body, and try to diagnose the organs that broke down.

Thus, to trace it, the autopsy doctors would have to find, separate or segregate a billionth bit of the mass under observation.

The hypodermic needle is a weapon of death which has caused autopsy physicians trouble since its invention.

At the autopsy it was proved conclusively that the bullet inside the Prince was of German origin.

I used my Security papers to get the body for special autopsy instead of the usual immediate cremation.

Why does the public abhor and obstruct the physician in his study of anatomy, dissection, and autopsy on the human body?