Demarcation [noun]

Definition of Demarcation:

boundary, division

Synonyms of Demarcation:

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Sentence/Example of Demarcation:

With no clear demarcation line to cross, Sophie — the 34-year-old pop producer who died after an accidental fall on Saturday — immediately moved her music into those ticklish margins and set up shop.

Various points of demarcation might be chosen, each founded on some important step in evolution.

What is the exact line of demarcation between man and the other animals which he calls brutes?

Finally a general agreement for the demarcation of Africa was made in 1890 (see Africa, 5).

Hence, the transition is abrupt; although by no means conclusive as to any broad and trenchant line of ethnological demarcation.

The Two-banded Scolia stings a little lower down, on the line of demarcation between the first two thoracic segments.

The line of demarcation between the clown and the merry-and-wise wit was, in those days, not clearly drawn.

And then there were the imaginary lines of demarcation dividing city from city, the artificial boundaries of water and land.

We are not able to detect any line of demarcation where our atmosphere ends, and the outer void begins.

Such a development presupposes first of all a sharper demarcation of the individual family.