Heterogeneity [noun]

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So when the world was looking at data centers, clients and servers, and adopting the Internet, I think managed infrastructure services had huge amounts of value because people were struggling with that heterogeneity and that complexity.

This theory is no original idea, it is Mr. McLennan's mode of accounting for the heterogeneity of the local group.

It cannot be repeated too often that it is not sameness of function, but heterogeneity of function, that unity requires.

The trait to which we allude we shall call (for want of a better term) the tenurial heterogeneity of the burgesses.

But this tenurial heterogeneity seems to be an attribute of all or nearly all the very ancient boroughs, the county towns.

That tenurial heterogeneity of which we have been speaking had another important effect.

The Milan results are suggestive rather of heterogeneity in the material than of any decided secular change in a or b.

Such a "universal" is not coherence just because it does not include and dominate the temporal and local heterogeneity.

The supposed heterogeneity of substances and forces between heaven and earth was denied.

For the purpose he would make a few remarks as a basis of his "so-to-speak destructive construction of this social heterogeneity."