Convergence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Convergence:

To optimize campaigns as effectively as possible, brands need to pivot their strategies to prepare for the convergence of digital and linear.

When the 2018 NFL season ended, the principals’ convergence would have been unimaginable.

Two whales we tracked offshore from the Auckland Islands in 2009 visited the subtropical convergence, but hundreds of miles to the east of Bill’s current location.

He argues that at some point between the late 1980s and the turn of the century, a convergence of societal trends took us into a new regime of time that he calls “presentism.”

Today, we’re experiencing the convergence of content with all things digital.

We tried to edge nearer her, but she was just beyond the convergence of two side currents which pushed us even further away.

This defect is corrected by convex glasses, which increase the convergence of the incident rays.

As they started toward the convergence of sailors at the entrance of the mess hall, Urson said, "Oh, guess what?"

There exists, however, a certain connection between accommodation and convergence of the visual lines.

Among the causes which promote the occurrence of squint, Donders mentions also conditions which diminish convergence.