Cup [noun]

Definition of Cup:

container for drinking

Synonyms of Cup:

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Sentence/Example of Cup:

Inspiration to combine the plastic knob with the touchscreen came from a Keurig cup on a conference room table during a meeting to discuss how to handle volume input, he said.

There are probably other cups or plates you will grow to love as much.

With brain signals alone, these people have been able to shop online, communicate — even use a prosthetic arm to sip from a cup.

There’s no pretense that Travis Scott was deep in the test kitchen carefully dipping fries into different sauce cups, or that Charli D’Amelio stood behind the espresso machine layering in syrups until something clicked.

Living in a home based on that of an insect that might have stung you as a child and which you’d gladly squash with a rolled-up newspaper if given the opportunity might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The current “Sexiest Man Alive” titleholder performs all types of functions as Alexa’s body, like revealing how many tablespoons are in a cup, turning on the sprinklers and dimming the lights.

Lasagna cups, mini meatloaves and other clever ways to use your muffin panHot Buffalo Chicken Dip.

Without a second thought, she pulls over, jumps out of the car into the rain, and persuades the man to join her for a cup of coffee.

Ones that offer some amenities, such as cup holders or storage pouches, ensure you’ll use them well after the game is over.

Sure, you could pick up a cup of coffee or mulled wine from a local business serving those things to-go, but the paper cup and lid will only promise the benefits of a warm drink for minutes.