Chalice [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Chalice:

Across the left arm was the maniple, and in his hand the chalice covered with the paten.

Madame Chalice had been merely whimsical in sending these violets, which her gardener had brought her that very morning.

The "sire," fell on the ears of Madame Chalice like a mot in a play; but Valmond, living up to his part, was grave and solicitous.

Such as Madame Chalice—ah, she was a part of this brave fantasy, this dream of empire, this inspiring play!

As Madame Chalice had said, either as prince or barber, he was playing a terrible game.

Both men had bitter hearts, for both knew well that the touchstone of this malice was Madame Chalice.

Madame Chalice was tempted to go and speak to her, and started to do so, but turned back.

She no longer resented Madame Chalice's solicitude: she was passive, and showed that she wished to be alone.

It opened, the garcon mumbled something, and Madame Chalice entered slowly.

He had forgotten Madame Chalice's presence, and she sat very still.