Destiny [noun]

Definition of Destiny:


Opposite/Antonyms of Destiny:

Sentence/Example of Destiny:

We’re trying to sort of take destiny into our own hands with the RFP process by making it as actionable as possible.

Going into the weekend, seven playoff spots were still up for grabs, with several teams controlling their own destiny.

Long ago in another century, Sigmund Freud declared “biology is destiny.”

The Giants control their own destiny as the leaders of the NFC East, while the Cardinals suffered a costly loss to the NFC West rival Rams last week.

The vision was for AT&T to “control its destiny” by owning “a big portfolio of premium content,” as former CEO Randall Stephenson explained to Fortune in 2019.

Being laid off or furloughed can be a great incentive for taking control of one’s destiny.

Macy’s executives have also said the company plans to test smaller stores that aren’t attached to malls in an effort to unhitch their destiny from struggling regional malls built for a weakening American middle class.

Many of us believe we are masters of own destiny, but new research is revealing the extent to which our behavior is influenced by our genes.

This means that in the long run, a simple tweak in the behavior of some of their individuals can alter the destiny of a species.

From day one of employment, team members are empowered to have a say in their destiny with opportunities to improve themselves and the organization, no matter their position.