Intent [adjective]

Definition of Intent:

determined, resolute

Synonyms of Intent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intent:

Sentence/Example of Intent:

Both firms extensively invest in Opportunity Zone businesses that hold to the original intent of the OZ legislation.

Whatever you do, don’t call Red Ventures an intent media company.

Any existing custom intent or custom affinity audiences you have will automatically be migrated into custom audiences.

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Moreover, Derrida argues, since all we have access to is the signifier, for all intents and purposes, the signified does not really exist.

If left unchecked, this may create a situation in which you have numerous pieces of content competing for the same search intent.

You can now use in-market audiences when targeting ad in France and Germany to reach users who have indicated purchase intent for certain products based on their search history and page views on Microsoft services.

The company is finally showing its intent to do so today — but with an uneven approach that leaves some fans worried about its intentions for other all-time gaming classics from the 64-bit era and beyond.

For advertisers to be remotely comfortable with this change, they need to trust that the algorithms that match query intent to keywords are as good as Google would like us to believe they are.

Congress passes the Economic Espionage Act, which makes it a federal crime to steal trade secrets either for the benefit of a foreign power or with the intent of damaging the company.