Unredeemed [adjective]

Definition of Unredeemed:

missing, off-track

Opposite/Antonyms of Unredeemed:

Sentence/Example of Unredeemed:

For unredeemed devilishness, the dervishes have had no equals.

The girl's face was as it had been from the first, unredeemed evil.

If the known effects are unredeemed, the suspicion is not unnatural, that so are the unknown.

Do they want that the King's Message will for ever remain unfulfilled and unredeemed?

Like Hull's defeat, it was unredeemed by a single glimmer of light.

When it failed, all sorts of people were left with these unredeemed pledges in hand.

It is unenlivened by pageantry, as it is unredeemed by courtesy.

Jasper, then, was an unredeemed villain, but he was anything than a fool.

But the pallor of Max is unredeemed; it is morbid and profound.

We are sold also like slaves, and lie as unredeemed pledges in taverns.