Mislaid [adjective]

Definition of Mislaid:


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Sentence/Example of Mislaid:

It will be understood that the money was found, had been mislaid; I'll think that out.

He always said he couldn't finish it; he had mislaid the plan.

There was one this morning, for instance, which you might very easily have mislaid.

Fens, like deserts, are large things very apt to be mislaid.

Some letter has been mislaid, or some messenger has been stopped upon the way.

The house was shut up, and the caretaker had mislaid her address.

She brought her appetite with her, all right, even if she had mislaid her suit case.

He had mislaid his bridle, and when he found it he fumbled unaccountably.

Had he not told her first of the poor soldier who had mislaid his memory?

I might have added, too, that even if he'd been mislaid permanent I could struggle along.