Accomplishing [verb]

Definition of Accomplishing:

succeed in doing

Synonyms of Accomplishing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accomplishing:

Sentence/Example of Accomplishing:

At last there appeared some probability of their accomplishing this, after a most curious and truly Mexican fashion.

Up to this period he had not been successful in accomplishing his great wish—the shooting of a lion.

And indeed such is about all we are accomplishing, even here at Port Royal, until we have learned the language.

We had the satisfaction of accomplishing the task in the allotted time, which not every company was able to do.

In Figure 35 another method used by him for accomplishing the same purpose is shown.

But here was a task in itself almost as unworthy of him as the methods by which he now set about accomplishing it.

Isn't civilization the highest that man is capable of accomplishing, the best that Earth has to offer any of us?

I will keep aloof, but they shall learn what a true revolutionist is capable of accomplishing.

He developed his plan for accomplishing this design in a series of letters to the people.

But they are doing more good single than lots of women are accomplishing in the married state, and we had better let them alone.