Bewitched [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bewitched:

She's nothin' but a child, and don't dream that both them young men is jest bewitched over her.

I am convinced that this house is bewitched, that the Dragon Painter has a train of elementals in attendance.

And Hasham added, "Verily, the efreets bewitched the Almoravide when he exiled such a horseman!"

Shall I bind another spirit, reluctant as my own, into this bewitched and tempest-broken tenement that I now suffer in?

Has he bewitched you also that you have so little interest in a mine of gold in anyone of the arroyas of your land?

Nay it is said the Circe is becoming much of a Hecate now; if the bewitched Duke could see it.

Then he would relax his whole being and let himself be once more bewitched into passivity by clouds and waving grasses.

I think Bob has been right all along—Aunt Dorothy has bewitched us, every one.

Men are bewitched by them, women cannot understand their charm.

It is that which has bewitched so many Northern people living at the South with slavery.