Enamored [adjective]

Definition of Enamored:

in love

Synonyms of Enamored:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enamored:

Sentence/Example of Enamored:

When he tried to play through knee and Achilles’ problems, he strayed from an attacking, pass-first style and became more enamored with scoring and shooting jumpers.

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I majored in mathematics and physics, but was enamored with the history of ideas.

Kristin Olszewski got her start in the hospitality industry while working in restaurants in the Bay Area and became enamored with wine while working at Michelin-starred Saison.

Well, mix the Negro children daily with the whites, and they are sure to become enamored of their ways.

I'm not enamored of a straight meat diet as a rule, but that evening I was in no mood to carp at anything half-way eatable.

Jean-Jacques Rouget, the doctor's son become much enamored of her, but obtained favor only through his money.

But one result could be anticipated from such a meeting: they became passionately enamored of each other.

Meanwhile Polydectes had become so enamored of Dana that he wished to marry her, and grew very angry at her continued refusals.

A statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from the Liberal, who wishes to replace them with others.

I was surprised at the time at her wishing to go with you, as Marie and outdoor exercise are not enamored of each other.