Hating [verb]

Definition of Hating:

dislike very strongly

Opposite/Antonyms of Hating:

Sentence/Example of Hating:

Basically, to measure prevalence, Facebook takes a sample of content and then looks for how often the thing they're measuring—in this case, hate speech—gets seen as a percentage of viewed content.

When I look at things like, you know, hate speech where, you know, in 2017, only about a quarter of the pieces of hate speech were found by our systems, first.

They are wonderful grandparents and love the children, but I hate for them to see how she treats me.

If nothing else, Curl is a fit for Washington because his father, Greg, hates the Cowboys.

Several big companies continue to boycott advertising on Facebook, long after a high-profile corporate uprising against the service’s lax policing of hate formally ended over the summer.

Never before have so many people who hated cooking been forced to learn how to prepare a basic meal for themselves.

Puerto Rico’s hate crimes law includes both sexual orientation and gender identity, but local prosecutors rarely apply it.

I just can’t think of almost anybody that’s been a president, or has been a celebrity for very long, that doesn’t become hated.

We have the duty as an advanced society to move beyond unregulated hate speech being protected.

So, bullying, harassment, hate speech — I’m not sure we really moved the needle.