Disliked [verb]

Definition of Disliked:

be antagonistic toward something; hate

Opposite/Antonyms of Disliked:

Sentence/Example of Disliked:

He did not know what the scent was, but it smelled rich and artificial, and he disliked to associate it with his new friend.

Up to this I had always imagined that I disliked everything in the shape of arithmetic.

The First Consul took the line which he always pursued with those whom he disliked but feared.

This didn't seem like the old, subservient Jim she was familiar with and she disliked his plainness of speech.

He surmised it from the fact that his master disliked scent, even in his toilet soap.

Francoeur was afraid of nothing, but he was old; his heart like his head was polished by age, and he disliked to offend people.

I never cared for children,—disliked them rather than otherwise,—and the fact that I was a father did not move me a whit.

He disliked the audible yawn with which Cash manifested his return from the deathlike unconsciousness of sleep.

He disliked the look of Cash's rough coat and sweater and cap, that hung on a nail over Cash's bunk.

The King of Asturia, his cousin, he had always disliked and despised; for the king he had the highest admiration.