Deplore [verb]

Definition of Deplore:

regret; condemn

Synonyms of Deplore:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deplore:

Sentence/Example of Deplore:

I reached out to several consumer-behavior experts for psychological insight into the struggles of MyPillow owners who deplore Lindell’s message but are devoted to his products — or of fans of any product that becomes the target of a boycott.

King identified how people, including those who may have deplored Southern injustice, maintained the racial status quo.

On the one hand, you deplore it because they’ve succeeded in essentially invading our information architecture.

In her letter declining the award, she deplored the “increasingly brutal impact of racial and economic injustice.”

This was true perhaps, but not in a sense he could find himself tempted to deplore.

Otherwise he was all that a mother might deplore or an uncle delight in.

If it has humour, deplore its lack of thoughtfulness; if it is grave, carp at its lack of gaiety.

Many of the persons we meet with in the world do not live entirely for it, and are incapable of the conduct you deplore.

It gives me pleasure, my dear, to hear you deplore the loss of such a privilege, as it is a proof that you value it.

I am sure that I have reason to deplore a catastrophe, that over laid our beloved country as with a shroud.