Mesmerized [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Mesmerized:

He felt as if he had been mesmerized; as if he could neither move nor speak.

She could not proceed, mesmerized as she seemed to be under that awful gaze.

How would you know that you were mesmerized, and how would you help yourself?

He mesmerized numbers of the boys, and made them do or think whatever he said.

There lay the magic of his power over Mr. Spokesly's mesmerized soul.

She was for the moment, so to speak, mesmerized by his superior mind.

He saw that she was mesmerized—an automaton moved by his will only.

Gannaway was mesmerized and stood in one corner of the dining-room.

He had a way with pillows, and nice hands which mesmerized her into relaxation.

He felt sure that, had he been the Professor, she would not have refused to be mesmerized.