Oversensitive [adjective]

Definition of Oversensitive:

bad-tempered, crabby

Opposite/Antonyms of Oversensitive:

Sentence/Example of Oversensitive:

This may seem to be unnatural, arising from an oversensitive and morbid state of mind.

My nature, unhappily, is an oversensitive one, and is apt to be affected by trifles.

Neither she nor her brothers understood their oversensitive relative.

But then, I thought, all this may be because I'm oversensitive.

I know the value of correct dressing, and I am not oversensitive.

But if ambition is oversensitive, moral indignation is ever consolatory, for it plants us on the Judgement Seat.

There were things, too, that troubled the family and made them reserved and inclined to be oversensitive.

The rigorous altitude of intellect in which she was reared served as a corrective to the oversensitive quality of her imagination.

The whole self is oversensitive, and the very inflection of a voice has enormous significance.

The days that followed were full of emotion for these two people, who were perhaps always ever-serious, oversensitive.