Prickly [adjective]

Definition of Prickly:

thorny or difficult

Synonyms of Prickly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prickly:

Sentence/Example of Prickly:

The hair was wet and matted and prickly leaves were stuck in it.

It had no gate but a gap in the fence, and no fence but a hedge of the prickly pear and the aloe.

The prickly threads are quite characteristic; the spinules are 3–5 mic.

The very sound of those words gives me a sort of prickly feeling.

This is the region where the cacao-tree and prickly sarsaparilla grow.

It was because Pekan is almost the only one Prickly Porky has reason to fear.

He was just about the size of one of Prickly Porky's babies.

"I don't think he has any; if he has, I've never seen it," said Prickly Porky.

This and the prickly pear suggest the climate of the tropics.

Sleep is out of the question, "prickly heat" is careful of that.