Dyspeptic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Dyspeptic:

Sea air helps a certain class of neurasthenics, but it makes others worse—it is bad for the dyspeptic neurasthenic.

All the horrid train of dyspeptic symptoms uniformly mitigated, and obstinate constipation removed.

I was of a costive, dyspeptic habit, which has been entirely removed.

It is about fifteen years since I was called a dyspeptic; this was while engaged in my academical studies.

In short, I left college more dead than alive—a confirmed dyspeptic.

Crossness and moroseness, for example, may be due to a dyspeptic condition and a chronically bad liver.

Things are generally going on tolerably well with a man's material interests when he has time to be dyspeptic.

I learned from my friend, the dyspeptic professor, that over forty dialects are spoken in Chicago.

His dread that he would sink back into the same nervous, dyspeptic state as before had been unfounded.

Scott's exuberant spirit forms a pleasing contrast with Carlyle's dyspeptic cynicism.