Meditation [noun]

Definition of Meditation:


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Sentence/Example of Meditation:

Her eyes were downcast--looking upon the waxed floor as if in meditation.

She ate her dinner slowly, with meditation and a thankful heart.

It was to me a soothing and a gratifying scene of meditation.

For a moment he seemed lost in meditation, and then at last spoke slowly.

I would spend long hours upon my knees in prayer and meditation.

She sank back to her chair, folded her hands in her lap and fell into meditation.

The poor ruffler was fallen into meditation, and noted not that his nag did no more than amble.

Such was Mr. Balfour's meditation as he stepped into his cab.

I had plenty of time for meditation, and now and then I would give some thought to Kurtz.

Henry, after Sir George's exit, lapsed into his principal's chair and into meditation.