Introspection [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Introspection:

His songs seem designed to reconcile years of stylistic arm-wrestling on Music Row, tempering the zesty testosterone of, say, Florida Georgia Line with the temperate introspection of, say, Chris Stapleton.

This year will forever be known as the year that brought introspection, slowed people down and had them focus less on business and more on family.

She just wove them through with a little more philosophy and introspection.

The whole family might benefit from some introspection on this issue.

Interestingly enough, the one book that was a catalyst for how I thought about and approached both my work—and personal and professional mission—was a book that was not about productivity or self introspection at all.

Reflection, introspection, brooding over mental and spiritual pain became impossible.

I had not learned to question any emotion, and introspection troubled me no more than it did my pointer dog.

This discovery gives me a fit 48 of introspection and I discover that I am, indeed, a narrow-minded little pinhead.

On this point, the argument against introspection must be rejected.

The criticism of introspection has been in the main the work of American psychologists.