Lauded [verb]

Definition of Lauded:

acclaim, praise

Synonyms of Lauded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lauded:

Sentence/Example of Lauded:

It was generally lauded by Spaniards, whilst it filled all classes of natives with indignation.

As you won honor after honor, and Christian and Moslem lauded you, was your gladness greater than mine?

Why did not art, science, philosophy, and literature save the most lauded nations of the ancient world?

In it the cleverness of Miss Sally Blossom was lauded to the skies.

Among his later poetry there is also one on 'Columbus and Washington,' in which, of course, both are lauded.

Greek, whose servile words lauded Xerxes the night before Thermopyl!

The refusal of the Elector of Saxony, so much lauded by historians, was perhaps a fault.

The book was reviewed everywhere, and, in nine cases out of ten, enthusiastically lauded.

I do not grudge it to the man; he interceded boldly for Barine; he is lauded as an able scholar, and he does not lack courage.

And beneath the tempter's roof you enjoyed the lauded secret love until the cock roused you?