Dismissed [adjective]

Definition of Dismissed:

sent away

Synonyms of Dismissed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dismissed:


Sentence/Example of Dismissed:

It has long since dismissed as too short and simple for its pages, the short and simple annals of the poor.

He produced a watch and studied it frowningly, then dismissed us and the recital of our troubles with a ponderous gesture.

If this were true why did n't God come and say so, thought Punch, and dismissed the matter from his mind.

Prices such as are indicated here were dismissed by the earlier economist as mere economic curiosities.

But although he was thus able to refund the money, Bonaparte dismissed him from the command of the Guard.

Her mother, on the contrary, adopted the new view, and dismissed it from her thoughts accordingly.

At last she dismissed the pair of them, bidding the captain see that he was washed and more fittingly clothed.

He dismissed him within some quarter of a mile of Mr. Sikess residence, and performed the short remainder of the distance on foot.

She bade Marius call Fortunio, and then dismissed the courier, bidding her captain see to his refreshment.

On the same day M. Roland received a letter from the king informing him that he was dismissed from office.