Denounced [verb]

Definition of Denounced:

condemn, attack

Opposite/Antonyms of Denounced:

Sentence/Example of Denounced:

Every word she breathed, every anathema she denounced, seemed urged by the quick revenge of Duke Wharton!

The whole history of human civilization was denounced as an unredeemed record of the spoliation of the weak by the strong.

The short hours achieved with acclamation to-day will later be denounced as the long hours of to-morrow.

This reasoning displeased the dwarfs, and one of them named Tad denounced it with much indignation.

For months the public organs, issued in Spanish and dialect, persistently denounced it as a harbinger of ruin to the Colony.

Death was declared an eternal sleep; God was declared a fiction, the Sabbath was abolished and religious worship denounced.

Baltasar's profane banquet: his sentence is denounced by a handwriting on the wall, which Daniel reads and interprets.

In 1726 he was denounced to the Inquisition for the offence of reading forbidden books.

If he was the perpetrator of this crime, how comes it that he was not detected and denounced by the young people I saw going out?

This circular was denounced by Mr. O'Connell as illegal, though he advised that it should be obeyed.