Derided [verb]

Definition of Derided:

make fun of; insult

Synonyms of Derided:

Opposite/Antonyms of Derided:

Sentence/Example of Derided:

Others were derided by their contemporaries, as we deride the made-to-order coat of arms of some nineteenth century upstart.

He took his own stand upon those which the great body of his countrymen reprobated as criminal, or derided as paradoxical.

Would John Knox have been so fiery in denunciation if those wicked maids of honor had not derided him?

She stood there and shamed him and derided him and defied him until he gave up the rope and slunk off, crestfallen and conquered.

He gave the others a taste by and by—a withering, corroding sup—and they derided him and rode him down.

These men are derided, scoffed at, and held in high disdain by the partisans of both parties.

To require satisfaction for a young lady's want of fortune, however reasonable, would always be derided as ludicrous.

But he had a value to us like a prized domestic relic; we admired, derided, and swore equally by and after him.

And page by page the woman is derided, with an unfailing enjoyment of her foolish ugliness of person, of manners, and of language.

She liked Tejada much better than Sarrio; she was born for a country life, but her brother-in-law derided these remarks.