Reiterated [verb]

Definition of Reiterated:

say or do again

Synonyms of Reiterated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reiterated:

Sentence/Example of Reiterated:

"No, thank you," reiterated Kirkwood shortly, a little annoyed.

But the chief truth He reiterated was ever this: to pray in faith.

She reiterated her assertion, as if she anticipated that he was going to dispute it.

Also I reiterated my determination not to go unless she did.

But reiterated from day to day it wore on his nerves after a while.

"He says it's the same if he could see Miss Bella," reiterated the old woman.

From them the thoughtful will learn how to complete a 'half-truth' often reiterated.

"I don't know what you mean, Béla," she reiterated more firmly.

"Wounded, madam," reiterated Daly, as if correcting a misconstruction.

“It must be paid back,” she reiterated, a little more firmly.