Rebutted [verb]

Definition of Rebutted:

argue against; prove wrong

Synonyms of Rebutted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rebutted:

Sentence/Example of Rebutted:

This argument, good as far as it goes, is rebutted in the following manner.

"I don't know as I've been chattering all over Bursley," he rebutted her.

As that charge would damage the cause, it must be rebutted in advance.

The applicants contend that this is not simply a case where the conspiracy suggestion could not have been rebutted.

All these assailants had to be rebutted, some by fair words, some by foul, and some by blows.

If this were further twisted into an accusation of plagiarism from the actual theatre, I think it could be rebutted at once.

There are always objections, real as well as apparent, which require to be rebutted or elucidated.

Kaiser, and Johann after him, rebutted this competitor; but he long gave some trouble, having great wealth and means.

In respect of most of the charges brought against him, Harry rebutted them easily enough: as for the play, he owned to it.

No doubt the ladies of Brookfield would have rebutted the idea of a tail-coat influencing them in any way as monstrous.